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Feathers Down, The Best Eggs Around!
We have thrown the cages away, put in windows, and use natural lighting and natural ventilation to the maximum. Our friend the hen can take sun baths, dust herself, visit her neighbor, lay eggs in the nest, and carry on as a good hen should. In good weather she can exit to the outdoors on our porches.
The Country Hens enjoy outdoor access on specially designed wooden porches, which have translucent fiberglass roofing to protect the hens from the droppings of wild birds overhead and netted walls that keep other birds and predators away. In addition, we cover the porch with shavings to allow the hens to scratch, dust, and play. For more information on porch systems and their benefits visit the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) website.
These are the basics of our feed. We buy directly from organic farmers. These farmers use no pesticides, herbicides, and use only natural manures and rotate their crops periodically. The farmers must present their certificates to us before we buy from them. Finally, our feed mill, the feed that we make, our hens, and our eggs are certified each year by an independent agency – NFC.
Our eggs contain six times the amount of Omega-3s in the normal eggs. Our feed, which we mix in our own mill, contains rich sources of the essential long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid. Omega-3s help reduce blood pressure, blood clots, heart disease, arrhythmia and cancer. They are also the primary constituents of retinas and our brain. Mother’s milk contains Omega-3s, which support the development of the child’s brain.
They should be for two reasons: first, we feed our hens several sources of calcium, which produces a stronger egg shell. You should never get a cracked or broken shell. If you do, please call and we will send you a coupon.
We put sell by and best by dates on the side of the carton where it is easy to see. Our eggs can be kept safely for weeks, but we deliver quickly into the market and remove any eggs on the shelf before expiration occurs.
You are buying the best possible eggs that can be produced in a business fashion. We believe that organic farming produces healthier plants, which produce better grains and leaves, which produce healthier hens, which produce healthier eggs. Try the difference: whites that don’t run, stand-up yolks of a deeper color, and a distinctive, farm fresh taste.
P.O. Box 333, 16 Williamsville Road, Hubbardston, MA 01452