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Did You Know?
Our eggs are Certified Humane for meeting high standards for caring for our hens.
A Country Hen Extra Large egg has 310 mg of nutritious Omega-3s good for your heart, brain and eye functions.
A Large egg is equivalent to ¼ cup. If you have a recipe calling for a Large egg, use any size egg and simply measure to ¼ cup.
A Country Hen egg is unique in that it contains three different types of Omega-3s, DHA, EPA, & ALA.
We feed our hens well. The Country Hen mills its proprietary organic and non-gmo feed right at the farm.
Our eggs contain over 25% more Choline, an essential nutrient for pregnant women, than an average egg.
Eggs naturally contain vitamin D. The Country Hen eggs contain over three times the vitamin D of an average egg.
Our eggs are tested regularly by third party laboratories to make sure they meet or exceed all Country Hen standards.
A rooster fertilizes a hen’s egg. The Country Hen does not have roosters on the farm and does not produce fertilized eggs.
Our farm quality lab regularly test eggs from every barn to make sure quality is consistently meeting our standards.
The Country Hen is the original Organic, Omega-3 egg. A Country Hen egg has six times the Omega-3s of a regular egg.
The Country Hen is home to only Rhode Island Reds. These hens are exceptional layers, and produce the finest brown eggs.
An egg has up to 17,000 pores on its shell. A very fresh egg used to hard-boil is nearly impossible to peel.
Eggs contain one of the highest quality proteins of all foods – second only to mother’s milk.
P.O. Box 333, 16 Williamsville Road, Hubbardston, MA 01452