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1 Organic Large Egg
Omega-3s 300 mg
Lutein + Zea 550 mcg
Choline 160 mg
Vitamin D 125 IU
  • Mill Our Own Organic Feed
  • Our Feed Is Non-GMO
  • Sunlit Cage Free Barns
  • Outdoor Porch Access
  • Farm Fresh Unique Taste
Our Eggs Are Special
We produce the world’s best Organic, Omega-3 eggs that are healthier for humans in a manner that promotes the well-being of the hens. By virtue of our organic feed, we are also helping to create healthier plants and soil. Our feed is designed and milled on the farm, from grains supplied by farmers we personally know and trust. Our unique way of producing eggs creates high quality, delicious, farm fresh eggs you’ll love, or as we put it…
"The whites don’t run, the yolks stand tall, and the taste is incomparable!"
Packed With Nutrients
Our special feed blend helps our hens make eggs full of Omega-3s, Lutein, Choline, and Vitamin D. We make this blend by sourcing the best certified organic ingredients and milling them on the farm.
Difference You Can See
Thick shells, bright yolks that stand tall, and a delicious flavor you won't find from regular eggs. We deliver the best possible tasting eggs from the farm to your table.
P.O. Box 333, 16 Williamsville Road, Hubbardston, MA 01452